Stay Prepared with a Roadside Emergency Kit

You are always someone who likes to be prepared for the bad along with the good. One of the ways that you can prepare yourself for anything bad that might happen when you are driving is by setting yourself up with a roadside emergency kit of some kind.

You should create a kit for yourself that holds tools that you might need if you are stranded at the side of the road. 

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Technology and the Audi A5 Sportback

The sporty Audi A5 Sportback is not only a luxurious vehicle. It also features the most up-to-date technology on the market. In fact, in this car comfort and tech go hand in hand. For example, the available virtual cockpit can bring full-color maps right to your instrument panel. This means you never have to glance away as you drive.

In terms of entertainment, the sound system is the best-in-class. The Audi A5 Sportback fully integrates with your smartphone, too. 

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Choosing Between All-Season Tires and Summer Tires

If you are considering changing to summer tires during the warm season months, explore the advantages and disadvantages of both all-season tires and summer tires. Both tire selections have specific recommendations.

Advantages to Summer Tires
  • Better traction in wet road conditions.
  • Enjoy better vehicle performance overall.
  • Fuel economy is better in the warm weather months.
Advantages to All-Season Tires
  • Solid traction in all types of road conditions.
  • Can be used in lower and higher temperatures.
  • Performs well in all temperatures and road conditions.
For those who live in the...
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The Eye-Catching Design of the Audi A5 Coupe

It's easy to see why the Audi A5 is a popular luxury coupe—with its sleek, sporty exterior, this coupe certainly makes an impression. The A5 has many great design features, from its S line exterior to its eye-catching headlights.

The A5's S line exterior successfully integrates every feature into one harmonious vehicle design. This design principle extends from the front fenders, which have S badges, to the rear diffuser, which has a striking honeycomb structure. The headlights are also a sporty style statement. The Audi A5 is equipped with full LED...

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The 2018 Audi Q3 Is A Design Marvel

Car owners these days seek out luxury. They also enjoy the additional space afforded by a subcompact SUV. That is why our team here at Wyoming Valley Audi, located in Larksville, are so excited to announce the arrival of the brand new 2018 Audi Q3.

This luxury subcompact SUV comes equipped with LED head lights and tail lights which are highly efficient and will also last far longer than standard lights. It also offers a panoramic sunroof which makes for perfect stargazing at night and plenty of natural light overhead while you are driving during the day. The power sunshade…
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The Audi A3 Combines Technology with Style

The Audi A3 combines a stylish interior, smooth ride and all the technology you can handle in this sleek and sporty sedan. You will always know where you are going with the Audi A3, and you will be highly entertained on the way.

The infotainment system features a standard seven-inch display screen, two USB ports and a 10-camera setup. The available virtual cockpit bumps it all up a notch with a huge digital 12.3-inch screen with adjustable navigation and audio selections. Google Earth Maps, weather and traffic information are all readily accessible...


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